Earnest Hearts2022/09/06 09:36

Let me maintain this smile,

even when am in pain,

pain that i cant explian from where,

or evev say when i experieced it,

for the has no right to change me

Let me maintai this happiness,

even in time of sorrow,

sorro that comes in waves,

so i dont have to show am weak,

even if i cant beat that sorrow

i will have to maintain that happiness.

Let me say thiswords,

when i have things that hurt me,

hurting me very deep in my hear,

letting me rain down tears.

painful words keep no more in my heart

so for the best of me.

Let me say i love you,

even though you hate me,

hating me for no reason,

though i dont have to care,

what you have in store for me

yet my love for you shall never fade.

Let me not hide the truth,

neither sweet,

nor bitter,

for that the truth that makes me human

even in the darkest room,

in the midest of enemies,

even when i have to lie.

Let me maintain my humanity,

when needed to help i have to.

Pains of life.

Earnest Hearts


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