My undying love


love define thru the eyes of a lover who is not sure if the girl loves her too

My undying love

I love you, definitely I do

even if I have to turn

the world around

I would

even if superman losses

to batman, even if I could

go back to the past and

rewrite my story

you may believe me

or not, I love you even

if you would find someone


my heart will remain

for you, I will always keep

my promise, even if it would

be to impossible

I love you more than

my life. I love you more

than anyone could love

you more

I miss you and I do hope

that you miss me too,

how sad is life, how sad

is my feelings

I am not sure if you

truly needs me or if you

truly love me or not

I love you

I truly do


sept 6, 2022


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