Nameless2022/09/05 07:44

Not all love are same .All doesn't get a happy ending but it's ok

People who are in love they think that love anyone is the best thing in the world . Maybe it's true but not always because if ask a heartbreak person what is love he will answered that love is the worst of anything . Loving a person doesn't any good or bad sides . People fall in love it's ok it's fine and also having breakup is fine because you need to wait for the right thing to come in life .whom are you dating today can't be the right person it's fine . Because the universe had it 's own plan .we should never be depressed if got an heartbreak 💔. there are lots of people whom we gonna meet in our life everyone who came in our life teach us anything .If it's good for as we should take it or if it cause harm to me or anyone we should just throw it .In our we have crush in many one and we couldn't confess to them but we still loves them . Isn't it amazing 😍

Love someone can never be a mistake


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