Gloria Jeff2022/09/04 23:48

Basking heart breaks

I miss the comfort,

Of you by my side.

The way I truly feel,

Is something I cannot hide.

The sound of your heartbeat,

When I lay my head on your chest.

It's those precious moments,

that are better than the rest.

On a stormy night,

In the thunder and the light.

We hold each other,

And everything feels right.

Kiss me in the rain,

And take my breath away.

Tell me you love me,

Every single day.

I want to be with you,

For the rest of my life.

Every cloudy day,

And every stormy night.

When the clouds roll in,

And the thunder claps.

When the rain starts falling,

And the lightning snaps.

I want you there,

Right next to me.

Soaking wet and in your arms,

Is the only place I want to be.

In the chaos,

of a sleepless night.

I shiver then feel,

Your warm embrace holding me right.

As we stand there,

In the pouring rain.

I look at you softly,

And say again

Kiss me in the rain,

Take my breath away.

Tell me you love me,

Every single day.


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