Gloria Jeff2022/09/13 17:40

I’ve reached out my hand so many times

But no one would stop and help me out

And now all I have is my written rhymes

That’s been filled with a helpless doubt.

Never have I felt so alone as I do now,

Knowing I’ve been avoided all this time

But it will be okay, I’ll make it some how,

I just need to find my strength to climb.

When I learn how to get back on my feet

I will become distant just like all of you

And as I'm seen walking down the street

Only my umbrella will capture your view.

No longer will you see me reaching out,

Hoping you’ll lend me your helping hand

Instead you’ll just wonder what I’m about

As my darkened shadow has no demand.

I won’t even bother giving it another try

Knowing that I’m better off on my own

And when the rain finally begins to dry

I will still walk under an umbrella, alone.

Its become the painted picture for me

To not reach out my hand anymore

But the words I write are for all to see

That my heart still continues to pour.

If anyone ever needed a helping hand

I would have been there in a heartbeat

And that is why I’ll never understand

Why you failed to help me to my feet.

C. Raynard


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