Love Triangle episode 1

S-Lyrical2022/09/04 21:54

It's a love story of a couple of friends


"Can't you just look where you are going"

Stella yelled at Dave as he slip off her ice cream mistakenly.

"I'm really sorry"

Stella just hissed and exit the large kitchen of Blink High School.

Dave can't seem to take his eyes off her, he stared at her till she leave the kitchen.

"Man that girl is so pretty!"

"But she is to blunt, can you imagine i even apologized"

Dave said to his friend Brain looking astonished, Brain has been Dave intimate friend over 15 years. His real name is Richard, he was nicknamed Brain because of his intelligence.

"I think she is one of the proud girl in the school"

"Forget about her, let's move out of here"

Brain said to Dave and they both leave the kitchen.

Few days later...

"Cabs are hard to get on this spot, let's move down the street"

Stella drag her best friend Bianca down the street to get cab.

They are late for class and need to get a cab as soon as possible.

"Cab man we are going to Blink High School"

They entered the car and the cab man drove off.

On there way to class, Bianca found a booklet on the floor and picked it up.

"Wait Stella, i found this booklet on the floor it look like a diary and still look very neat.

Bianca told her friend.

"Bianca please drop that booklet and let's leave. Hope you know we are late for class"

Stella yelled at Bianca. Stella had been known to be a blunt and aggressive person.So Bianca wasn't annoyed.

The booklet has a name on it stating"Dave Wilson" from Social Science department which is the same department with stella and Bianca.

"Calm down girl, there is a name on it Dave Wilson from our department. I'll keep it and give it to the owner later"

They both headed to class.

Later on in class...

After the lecturer exit the class, Bianca announced about the lost booklet to the whole class.

"Sorry everyone,who is Dave Wilson"

Dave couldn't hear because his ears were blocked with headphone.

Brain tapped him to notify him.

"Hey guy, that angel is talking about you"

Dave raised his head to look at Bianca, he opened his mouth widely looking astonished to see the beauty in front of him.

"She's an angel indeed"

He said to himself.

"I'm Dave Wilson, hope no problem?"

He asked looking curious.

"I found this booklet on my way to class and it's having your name,so i want to return it to you"

She handed the booklet over to him and turned back to leave but Dave stopped her.

"You really have a good heart, I've been looking for this booklet.Thank you very much.

"Sorry, can i have your contact,so i can call you to thank you later"

He asked her, curious to hear a respond from her.

"No problem, just be fast about it because i need to leave"

She handed her phone to him and collected his phone also and they exchange contacts.


"Big man you've gotten her attention right"

Brain teased him.

"What are you talking about, don't tease me guy"

"Though i didn't hear any of what you guys were saying, but i know you exchanged contact. Explain that to me big man"

Dave ignored him and put his headphone back to his ears.


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