Fasuyi Marvellous2022/09/04 13:37

This poem discusses the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on nations of the world and the human race at large

Like an earthquake

That makes the whole earth surface shake

Spreading wide all over the world

Making everyone to hide

Spreading like wild harmattan fire

Sweeping the land

The plague

Spreading like cancer in the environment

In a manner as you would say "vague"

Growing like grass

In wild mass

All over every continent

Bringing about mournful sentiments

The disastrous plague

Of immeasurable destruction

That calls for a compulsory vacation

Which all humans must observe

Which though it deserves

In order to preserve

One's good health well reserved

With no remedy for itself

It makes medicine no art

Because most of its prey do not overcome

Death becomes the outcome

Leading to high mortality

Though people try to face the reality

And with their best ability

They strive to find a route

To lead them out of the problem

Countries with high population

Become an abode of lifeless bodies

And there is no consolation

For the losses

Just daily notifications

Abou the latest population

Of the dead and the affected

The disrespectful plague

With neither respect nor regard for persons

The destructive pandemic

Ravaging the world

With an hidden identity

Unknown is its abode

With neither mercy nor pity

It penetrates into the human body

Its existence still remains a mystery

The pandemic brings that equality

With death completes

It becomes a tax on freedom and pleasure

With series of restrictions

Keeping man away from fellow humans

All in the name of social distancing

Physical distancing you mean!

To prevent the spread of the outrageous plague

Public places become dreadful places

Fear is instilled in the heart of the masses

Fear of what?

Nothing but the corona virus

That makes several protocols to be strictly adhered to

The communicable plague

That interrupts proper oxygen intake

Due to frequent use of nose mask

One has to fall in love with soap, water and sanitizer

So stubborn it is!

All protocols duly observed

Yet it springs up like a fresh fruit

Leading to death

Which swallows up life in victory

At the final breath

One does not work

Yet one has to eat

School becomes a no go area

Yet one wants to learn

Teachers become the ones to suffer most

The intelligent become dullards

The dullards become more dull

Ready to get back to school with empty skulls

One has to resort to online business and e learning

Ravaging our mother land

The pandemic

Causing fear among humans

The economy comes in to a devastating state

Borders are closed

People are trapped

Bringing one to a standstill

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