an individual like me


Knowing you is the greatest mistake that I could make

an individual like me

Scribble me words

That I never thought

That I could hear

Shut my mouth and

Tie me up

Put in a chain

Put me in a cellar

Sign my death warrant

If you like, nothing will


Cut my limbs even

My torso, cog my eyes

Still I would suffer

I have never been happy

In my entire life

Maybe I was born

Just to feed your

Imagination, just to

Feed your ego of

Hurting someone

For I can feel that

You no longer love me

And never gave a damn

About me, never thought

Of how much I love you

I was blinded by love

I was tortured by happiness

I was bullied my laughter

I never imagine that you

Are the one that would hurt me

You were the one to

Inflict pain, to inflict suffering

To inflict sadness to my

Life, I just wish that I had

Never known you

If I could only turn

Back time, travel to

to a time machine

I would just to turn

My fortune afloat


Sept 4, 2022


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