Tears of Hope

OpeneCj2022/09/03 10:55

Hope is that line in line, or believe that something or someone can change.. Tell you the truth, it's all I have now I'm life to leave for

Tears of Hope

Hope is that radiance of light that shines in the mist of darkness, we do not know it's form, neither do we know who or what it is, but the believe of it's being present in our lives keeps us going.

Some may say hope is the realization of things yet to come and which is long waited or overdue, unseen by the human eyes we eagerly wait in patience, with it in mind, for the human mind is like space and filled with different possibilities and when focused on something we tend to get it at all cost.

Hope can also be said be that constant feeling inside you, when you know your about to have a break through, you do not know when, where or how, it will happen and the thought of it never leaves your mind.

He comes unannounced when you least expect it and still right on time when it's needed. Look at it this way, when you crave something so badly and all the efforts don't seem to work, there it is in the mist of your sorrows, you hear a knock on your door with a gentle voice saying I have arrived, now that is hope. The smile of joy and inner peace that can't be explained by human words and the long wait is finally over.

Hey you, Yes you! Don't look around am talking to you, what is that thing you have always wanted and could never achieve or your still waiting for it and that desire is unending, wait no more for that dream, goals, ambition, passion, sorrow, betrayal, are all clouded in a smile of hope for it brings happiness.


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