Dr Ahmad2022/09/03 05:02

Part 1 of a new journey


Hello dear reader

Life has started with limitless chances, limitless opportunities, limitless hacks to help you either success or try to change your path in it.

So in this part we will start by montage our lives to find the best route for success and for innovation to make the life full of something that is worth living for.

Start this trial by asking yourself a simple question on a white paper

What are the top five things i need in my life and after you write them you must put them in priority and arrange them from the most to the least important.

Great now you have the first paper that will assemble your life, your future, your new way.

Now you will have a full day to think about these five things just give each one of them a nick name that you only know it like lets say health you can name it jackoo

And dow that for each one of these five things.

Now bring five papers and please write each one of these five things as a title and start brainstorming of what you did to increase or to upgrade or to make it better


by this our first part is finished wait us in part 2


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