The fear of being lost

OpeneCj2022/08/31 09:51

I write this with a heavy heart, because so many out there are lost and waiting to be found. They smile and laugh like every thing is okay, but inside they feel lonely and lost, searching for someone to lend a hand. Well, I am hear reaching out and telling you with a heart full of love that you are found and accepted.

The fear of being lost

I stare and watch the days sleeping by, glaringly right and left;

searching if anyone can hear me,

I call out but no one responds, my mind beating, the fear to step out to the dangerous world alone.

I need help, I need someone to guide me. The fear of being lost to the world haunts me till this very day, because it's worse than death itself, that's how I feel" no one to call, no place to call home, the pressure of living is worse than the thought of death.

Happiness is my desire to feel accepted, to feel the warm embrace of a loving heart, I shut myself out not because I want to, but the thought "will they love me for me, or the things I have to offer", eats me.

I have talents "Yes I do" hidden secrets, growth, love and compassion and the will to let it out. At last I wonder when the day would come, for I am lost and you are my hope.

When I look at the mirror,

my reflection doesn't show up no more, my shadow abandoned me,

my affections doesn't light up no more, tirelessly I yearn to be noticed, but no one actually notices.

So, I stop with a heavy heart, waiting and counting the days I will finally be noticed.


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