My billionaire boss

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My billionaire boss



Emma's POV

Hearing the knock from the door I woke up and rushed towards the door to know who it was

Mr Andrew "I hope you know why I'm here today? He asked cutting me off as I tried to greet

Just hold your greetings!! I came to inform you that if you fail to pay me my rent next week I will throw you and your sister outside so inform your sister, tell her that I need my money, This is you last warning" he shouted

I sighed I don't blame him because I wasn't able to pay my rent

For five months now, it has not been easy for i and my elder sister. My parents died in a car accident and left the two of us

On the other hand, my sister is not helping issues,

She go about sleeping with men, drinking and coming back late

I was lucky that I ended my college the same year Before everything changed, I couldn't find a good job

My sister and I have been managing ourselves

I wish my dad and mom is here

Thinking about them always make my eye to get watery.

But what will I do,

I have to be strong to support my sister

I wipe my eyes and get up from the bed and went towards the bathroom to take my shower...

Few hours later...

I have to check my email to see if William group of companies will offer me a job because I submitted my CV to the company because i saw a job vacancy. praying to God for me to get job in the company...

I quickly check my email but no news yet

So I decided to go out and look around, I can't just be inside the house, thinking myself to death

I locked the day and kept the key for my elder sister in case if she's back before me

Stepping out of the house, I saw some children playing

I decided to join them and have fun because I love playing a lot with kids

We start throwing stones inside a dirty water

Just then I realized that the water torched someone

I gasped when my eye sighted a very tall handsome and a Rich man on suit

I couldn't believe it, but I was still shock

He started coming towards me with and angry face...

I'm sorry Mr, it was a mistake please, I pleaded

What did you do to my suit? Did you know that this suit worth more than you, do you know that?", He asked.

" I a.. am sorry sir" I told him feeling nervous.....

Can your sorry fix my expensive coat you stupid girl? And besides are you blind?" That's why you didn't see when I was passing..

" No sir I am not blind look, my two eyes is okay", I said pointing at my two eyes

I told you sir that I am very sorry please, I can go in and wash it for you my appointment is close here ", I said pleading

" Oh with you dirty waters right

And Off course you have two eyes but it is invisible and besides you don't have a play ground where you can play that's why you came out with little children here to misbehave and waste your time

You're such a lazy girl ", he fumed furiously

OMG that hurt.. how can you say all this to me when you don't even know me?", I muttered.

" I didn't do it intentionally. And I said sorry already. Now move I have some works to do", I said

"Oh just look at her, you have work to do and you're here playing with kids

"Your work is to play with children", he said

I didn't utter a word I felt bad because it was my fault by the way..

"He dragged me by my hand

But I stopped him

"I think I've apologise to you sir

Excuses me ",I said

I sighted two men walking close to me

I never noticed any of them

"How dare you talk to my boss that way, I can destroy you now," one said

"Look I can talk however I feel or want. And secondly I didn't need to kill myself because I mistakenly ruin your boss coat, I finished my statement trying to walk away but he hold my hand...

Then here go and wash it", he said

"Oh after wasting my precious time you still want me to wash the coat for you, you're indeed a spoilt fool surrounded by group of men without strength in you I decided to insult him back for him to understand how I feel right now but he tried to say something

Hold on sir, which sir?" I mean Mr

"It was actually an accident," I said

You'll regret saying all this words to me I'll not leave you ", he said angrily

"I can't actually tolerate him again, let me have it," I asked

"Get out!!!! " he yelled

"You know what you're such an asshole", I said and left him

"His such an annoying pig

"He just spoilt my mood right now

'But his handsome thou

"But his mannerless

"Gosh , I was actually the one that needed to apologise to him

"But I tried to, he couldn't hear me out

"He just announced me by saying that I'm jobless

"Am I jobless?"

" God!!! Emma, that's true you're not doing anything

I need a job

I've tried looking for something doing but I couldn't find any

"What should I do now

"But I own him an apology

Who knows where his going to?

"I pray that's his done for the day, before I ruined his dress

"But hold on I need to check the email again to change something

"I went straight to my laptop to check the email

And I opened my laptop and saw a message from Williams group of companies

Miss Noah come to our office tomorrow for your interview

"I screamed out of joy

Immediately and walk straight to my closet to arrange the cloth I will put on tomorrow for work...


How is this episode guys

I hope is okay.....

Thanks my wonderful reader's 😊😊


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