OpeneCj2022/08/30 09:00

Motivational talk, aim big, This words I write are deep routed in my brain. Good morning message from me to you

I Aspire

I aspire to be a change,

A beacon of hope to everyone,

A ray of sunshine,

A change that would make a difference.

I welcome the world to my heart,

A world full of hope and dreams,

I aspire to be great,

A greatness where the world will know me, not for my fame not my power, nor my status or position,

But for the good deeds to mankind I have accomplished, and that is when I would find peace.

So I write this with the thoughts in my mind, sealed within the deepest parts of my brain. I awaken the spirit of a conqueror then I dominante my world.

This message is for you yeah you reading this right now, for it's a call to Change. Be that change that inspires people to look within themselves and try to resolve their wrongs for the little time we have, we can make a difference.


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