Battle Against My Demons

OpeneCj2022/08/29 09:31

A abstract and divided mind to do the will of good or evil torn in between. A message to all

Battle Against My Demons

I am torn, stuck between with the desire to do good or evil,

I say to myself,

Why not show them,

I can be wicked too.

The thought of payback

run's through my mind.

I have found the good never make it in life, so why do good cuz only evil prevails.

Then there in the mist of my thoughts, whisper to me a voice

blessed is thy heart,

Who's good will superseded the call of evil, for into glory shall I lift him and grant him goodness in the sight of all,

For into I the Lord shall be find salvation.

And know this tonight when you pary, pary for the gift of people.

Quality humans, individuals who brighten your darkness. People who mention your name in rooms where matter. People who give as much as they take. People who let you be your authentic self. People who hear you in your silence.


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