Earnest Hearts2022/08/29 09:22

Once was I in love,

When I spent all my time in that love,

Love that bored no fruits,

Yet I didn't recognize this,

For I had nobody to tell me,

Until today I got myself to know.

Once was I in those parties,

Parties that I attended daily,

Accompanied by all friends,

Friends that gave no advice

Yet I kept them,

Just for friendships.

Once was I very strong,

Physically and mentally indeed,

Strong like a lion

Powerful like Samson,

But today,

Once was I.

Once was more time I spent,

Not in hard work,

But in those silly deeds,

That never spared my time.

Now am changed,

Never to be once was I,

Because tomorrow still is mine

Though I wished of death,

Death that I never knew of,

anything about it.


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