Eloya Somaine2022/08/28 14:16

Music is a poem about a woman seeking the acknowledgment of her lover.

If I were a guitar,you would strum me

If a were a flute,you would whisper into me

If I were a harp,you would caress my strings

If I were a song,you would sing me

If I were music,I would be in your soul

I wish I could be your muse

The one who constantly inspires creativity in you

I wish that I could that special one

Not because I'm any different from the others

But somehow,someway you found that one thing that has separated me from the rest

That one thing that makes you say,

'Oh my,you're the best'

...I wish that I would be the one that you would acknowledge

In all your work

That I may be your masterpiece

Because winning your love I have mastered

I wish that I would be the lyrics to every song that you write

I wish that my name would always resound in your ears

Even after the beat stops...

...I wish that I could be music

I wish that I could be your soul

Because you are my music

You are my all


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