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A Real Scene Zoomed, Man's Peep Pixel Gets A Natural Design
Wow, In A Movie Directing A Gentle Cat Walk
Pawpaw ?, A High Self Principled Breast.

A Beautiful Everest View Below Waist
Rhythmal Butt On Man's Lens; An Instrumentals
Yes, Worshipping Ancestral Bead Glittering At Looks
Thoughts, Lustful Heart Desires.

Eyes Speak Sexual Volume At Gazes; Hearts And Flowers
Hard Nipple Pranks, Tongue Juices
Ah! So Tensed, Man's Full Blood Vein On Standing Ovation.

Oh Oh Oh A Wink Of A Woman, Spirit Calms
Feminine Voice Beats Ear Drums, A Natural Turn On
Yes Yes Yes, Man's Want For Breakfast.

Pierced, Inked Body Arts Get Man Desire
Melanin, Fair, Chocolate Are Just
Yes, A Sermon For Joyful Mystery.

Nails, Chest Bone, Back Bust, Pelvic Bone, Calf And Hair ?
Oh, A Beautiful Glory To Man's Affection.

Cute, Tall, Chubby Or Slim ?
A Natural Bait To Selfish.


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