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In awe spirit lifts, secured
Gracefully enjoys, yes ordered steps
No sway offs on holy grounds.

Thy presence upholds
Gracefully, Gracefully wins ever
Countenance, purity from thee.

Thou guides intentions
Holy is thee, no apprehends
Gets guided unconditionally.

How great are thou; no great mind understands
Joy is thy presence
Trust, thee sees everything; yes, a believe.

Sweet is thy fellowship, man should be
Yes, at peace with an ordinance
Dutifully thou guides.

Ah!, who is this ?
Power is thy favour
Favourite man, righteous lives without.

why ?, how ?
Thou footprints; a defined peace.

In awe of truth thou guide nations
Thee knows the end at stretch, worries on wings
All needs be, wants secured.

Great is thou kindness
Thou paints future which must be.

Achievement thou delights
Thy presence is fulfilment.

Thy presence, oh! thy presence
Every creature should long for.

Act in dread with reverence to thee
No, not against thy will
Yes, yes it's a wish to act by thy will.


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