The Challenge | Funny Indian folktale for kids!

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The Challenge | Funny Indian folktale for kids!


everyone it's time again for indian

story read along

so if you've been following this channel

you'll know we have been talking so far

about the twelve jotter lingas and we

made eight

videos on all those stories they're

pretty serious so i thought

let's do something fun today this is


one of my old tinkle comic books i will

show you at the end just how old this


is you can see some of the pages some

it's a little bit yellow there it's not

not nice and brand new like you would

buy from the bookstore today

so here we go this is called the

challenge an indian folk tale

script by adil rangoon

and illustrations by ajit vasakar

one day in the kingdom of tilpur

there is the king he is talking to the

prince son

it's time you got married the prince


why do you say that uh-oh

we all know what this conversation is

like and then

the king says because you are not

growing any younger

and the prince says does that mean i

will stop growing older if i get married

and then the king says no but you will

certainly grow


you've seen dozens of princesses and yet

you haven't

made up your mind but i don't want to

get married

not one more word from you i don't want

to marry

we've all been in this conversation

then the king says that does it i'm

going to arrange your marriage with the

first girl we see

and then the son says you can't be


king says i am now here we see

there's the gardener and he's thinking


the first girl they see is that so

i better hurry home what's the gardener


soon it looks as though he's grabbing

his daughter and he goes soon

where are you taking me father says the

daughter you'll see

and then then it's the first girl that

they see

so then the king says there that's the

girl you're going to marry

and the prince says but she's the

gardener's daughter

the king says i never go back on my word

you're going to

marry her and no one else

now the prince is now going to be a

little bit mean he says

how can i marry this stupid girl i

stupid says the gardener's daughter your

highness i

certainly am poor but i am not stupid

she says let us have a contest let us

both set out with

50 gold coins each and see who comes

back with

more wealth and the king says that's a

good idea i'm

sure my son will agree

so the prince is overconfident he says

i'll go

first i'll return with 500 gold coins so

i don't have to marry you

and then the girl says i wish you good

luck your highness

the prince left the very next day

two days later he reached a place

called chandanggad

and then so he says can i have something

to eat he's talking to the local


now they're planning to rob him he looks


one of them whispers to another yeah

let's be nice to him

another one says so the prince was

treated to a sumptuous meal

afterwards you have been very kind

thank you very much and goodbye

and then what happens he goes hey wait

don't let him go one of our golden wine

cups is missing

the prince is confused i bet you they

didn't even have a golden wine cuff

search him hey you can't do that i'm


but look they find the golden wine cup

on him it's either they planted it on

him or they just kind of pulled it out

as a trick

so they're trying to cheat him here's

the proof of your innocence you rascal

one of the villagers says there

you ungrateful man we gave you food and


rob us the third one says beat him so


prince is is very innocent he doesn't

know anything about the world

he goes look look i i will give you

these 50 gold coins but please let me go

and they're like all right hand over the


so he lost everything he came with and

then he goes now

get out and don't ever come back yes we

hate dishonest people

the prince is thinking i i don't

understand how the wine cup got into the


and now they're laughing at him as he's


what a simpleton it never crossed his

mind that

we might have slipped the cup into his

bundle ourselves

so the prince walked away from the town


finally stopped to rest under a tree

and so someone else comes along you look

very sad stranger what is the matter

the princess i was robbed the stranger

says robbed

but this stranger was actually a spy

sent by the gardener's daughter and so

she says so the princess

lost his money already and to think he


me stupid she says to him you may go now

a few days later a rich merchant arrived

in chanthangad

same place those are the same villagers

you see there who cheated the prince

and so now they're talking again look

there's a stranger

coming oh he looks rich says the other


the third one says let us invite him to


so they try to pull the same trick you

look tired and weary stranger

why don't you come in and refresh

yourself the stranger says thank you

you are very kind

the thugs gave the traveler food and

while he was eating one of the thugs

slipped the golden cup

into his box very soon this guy's


very soon all his wealth will be ours

so then this merchant this stranger says

thank you for the lunch friends now

let's have some sweets

and they say sweets i love sweets the


greedily ate the sweets

and then they fell into a swoon

they all fainted the merchant is


ah the drug in the sweets has put them

to sleep

now for the second part of my plan some


later when the thugs recovered hey the


he he's gone we must catch him

hey so they're waking up there they

leave their house hey

there he is he's coming with the village

head man

what's happening there so

ah nice to see you mukeaji

this man has stolen a gold wine cup

and and hmm says the leader of the


he says you have robbed him of his money

he's lying says the villager

we shall see i will search your

belongings as well

as his the guilty party hands over all

their possessions to the innocent party

that's the law in these parts the

villagers say we know the law

do they now so the mukia searched the

traveler's box

nothing here now i'll search your trunk

here's the wine cup and the money and

one villager says

how did that wine cup get in there i put

it in the traveler's box

and the other one says shut up you fool

i'll take these men to prison says the

mukia the

leader of the village everything

in this house is now yours that's the

law he says to that young merchant

the traveler set up a poor house in the

village to help

people who don't have anything else it's

kind of like what we would call today a

homeless shelter

one day the prince went there to beg for

some food he lost remember he lost all

of his money

and he can't go back to his father now

and admit he lost

everything so what a pitiable state

i am in but if i return to the palace in

this state i will lose the contest

so he goes there and he goes please give

me something to eat

and then this merchant says oh i knew

you would come in

and then the prince says what do you

mean you knew

and the merchant says never mind please

help yourself

the merchant asks him what work do you


and the prince says nothing sir i wish

someone would give me work

and so she she never mind

the merchant says you can work here as

my servant and the prince is me

a servant the merchant says here wear

these new clothes and slippers and give


your rags and here's money for you

go out and enjoy yourself today

what is this merchant do you know

the prince put on the old clothes and

slippers and hurried away

the merchant says you may start work

from tomorrow

the prince served the merchant for a

whole month

and then merchant says

it's time i moved to another village so

take this as a gift

prince says uh what does it contain

and then the merchant says 500 gold

coins oh my and then

the merchant says be very careful there


thugs around and then the merchant

advises the prince

go back to your own country now but do

not open that box until you reach home

the prince says i won't well he's

walking home

i've got my 500 gold coins

i wonder how that stupid girl who

challenged me has fared

let's see a month later

you are back says the king yes father

i've come back a winner

and then the uh gardener's daughter the

girl says have you brought more money

than what you set out with

and then he goes yes i have ha ha

she says to him let's see what you have


and he says all right then hold your


look what i've got

thud what is all that i

i everyone's laughing at him in the


so that's what you brought old clothes

and slippers

think about it this prince was not even

bright enough to look in the box

and double check he just took the

merchant's word that he was giving him

500 gold coins so then he takes a closer

look at the girl

now i see it all the merchant was

none other than this girl and i

served her for a whole month

and then the king says son you've lost

and it goes i know father i'll marry

her. and he says she's thinking

strangely i do want to marry her

she is as clever as she is beautiful

the prince who didn't want to marry had

at last

found a bride he's the lucky one


he is the lucky one she is way out of

his league

so i told you i was going to show you

ah let's just take a look at this book


is so old okay this is how they used to

bind them in the old days there wasn't a

nice thing so this

the spine has come off and it's like a

whole bunch of little baby books

put together and uh a cover is gone as

well but i know what's a tinkle because

they have all kinds of different stories

in here tons of different stories

and from all over the place some are


and some are folk tales so

what we're gonna do next time is we're

going to read

more stories just like this why don't

you join us again next time on indian

story read along

and also subscribe and click the bell

icon so that you'll know

next time we upload another story

alright we'll see you soon bye


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