Harsh2022/08/25 12:44


There was once a time when you said go back

That love is a right

That is a beautiful soul

The right of handsome men of

Those of lovely from of that angle

of the oven

but with none of these qualities

I am a common man

so I've come back

but I could not say

That there that ware ruine

because of thair lock of beauty

and then there those with heart ... Abhilasha

When the heartbreaks then

even the heavens shiver in fear

If love becomes disenchanted then it leads to chaos


look at this my love your city has become like the jungle

That love of which you once-proud


That love has become conditional

your beauty

but an is an illusion

What is displeasing

What is pleasing

Even face is wearing a veil

Behind every veil

There a for that is quite hear


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