Is That a Giant Still Wearing a Pant?

Frankincense the Pen Gun2022/08/24 20:55


Indeed there was a country

Now a cynical kind of Eden

And in this Eden things fall apart

Ties ripping apart

Blamed on devil's tit for tat.

Wait o, is that a giant still wearing a pant?!

A grand neither where it was nor where it should be?

With rivers where fishes drown or even die of thirst?

Where the abnormal is normal and the normal, abnormal?

Where the most expensive is cheap and the cheapest, costly?

The beautiful is ugly and the ugly is beautiful?

Is that a giant still wearing a pant?

Ah! If only the Methuselahs in Saul's robe will allow David's ballots

If only half of a yellow sun can live in total unity with half of a grey moon

If only the masses will no more be treated as the grasses

If only blood thirsty saddists will stop riding on satan's boris

Oh! If only, just if only.

Though there was a country

There still can be a country.

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