How strange the love

Nameless2022/08/24 19:16

The reason why it is so painful to lose someone we love than the stranger

At age of 15, I found my first love.She is not very pretty.I love her not because she is pretty but because of her clumsy doings. Before meeting her I do not believe neither love nor god.How strange, I did love her by giving all of my heart and love. But, but, she died at age of 20 . I always dreamt about marrying with her. Now all my dreams had gone. What I have left is the scar of love. Now I am afraid of love because I am afraid of losing someone I love.At the same time, an old man from my neighbour died.But I did not feel sorrow like my lover.Because,he is stranger to me. The knowledge that I gained at that time is the more I love someone, the more I feel pain when I lose them.


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