The missing pieces

sky2022/08/25 05:24

nothing makes sense

The missing pieces

The missing pieces

I have been arousing the moments I had with you lately

the person I’ve become and I’ve been trying to fill all of this empty,

but I am still so empty and finding the reasons to get up,

for this stuff in my books and the club.

The broken thread that I have woven with memories

that flies the kite of togetherness it ties,

the maze of destinations that will reach you

walking alone in the direction of hope to uncover the view,

Now he is gone from my pages and all fears,

I happen to laugh in no time, but I taste my tears.

There is no acceptance in this game of two

Just the darkness I am pitching into.

Time may keep us away

But we will meet again someday,

a company with a strong bound,

or a lifetime brother I found.

                                                                     -  sky月光


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