The world today

OpeneCj2022/08/24 09:22

A poem by me on view of the word today, let me know your opinion. The world is in dismay and something needs to be done about it enough of the blood shed, human life matters. If you felt touched please love and go to my page to see more.. Thanks

The  world today

As I look through the cloud

a wavering thick smoke fills

my eyes.

I hear a sound, something familiar

a thrill of shock rushes down my veins, and what is that I see; A man on the ground and I wonder is he asleep. Then I hear a voice and I wonder, could it be a mother weeping in sorrow for the death of her son lifeless on the ground.

My TV grows weary of dust,

because I don't go there anymore.

The pain and sorrows anytime

I watch it anytime I look, something fills my eye, could it be

"tears". The pain of life lost, the anguish of watching a life fade

away and the government sit still.

There I see in a distance, the army

raging and the drums of war fill the earth, I sit down on the floor alone in darkness, because this tears I can't cry no more.


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