That’s dreadful night

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That’s dreadful night

While I was in the kitchen cooking my husband’s favorite food, I felt a peck on my cheek. I swiftly looked at the back and it was him, My husband . “ I said I should come and join you” He said as he smiled. “ Oh really?” I asked. Then he blocked my mouth with a deep kiss, said, “ Say no more” As he started washing the dirty plates and singing for me, Love songs.

I’ve always loved to spend much time with my husband because he was so romantic and funny, but he was always busy. He barely stayed at home. Even when he had to stay at home, he wouldn’t spend more than a few hours, Then he would leave again. But the hour spent with him would be filled with joy and laughter, as he would make you happy and cheer you up.

He joined me where I was cooking when he was done washing the dirty plates and we started cooking together. “ leave everything to me. Allow me to do everything” He said as he wanted to start cooking. Well, I wasn’t expecting that, Though it was very normal, But I wasn’t tired, I could cook. “ No, Sweetheart. You know you’re just coming back home from your workplace, Just go and take a catnap. When the food is done, I’ll come and call you” I said, As I told him not to worry. 

Well, I knew my husband, He wouldn’t just listen, Rather to leave the place, he stood firmly, Telling me we would do everything together. That was how we did everything together until when we were both done cooking. As we finished cooking, He left the kitchen. Before I could take the food to the dining table, he had cleaned the dining table. I was wowed as I screamed joyfully. “ That’s my hubby. Husband material” I said, as I was smiling. He smiled too. “ Anything for my babyyy” He said, and I smiled broadly once I again.

We were about to start eating when a call came in to his phone. My eyes gazed at the phone’s screen, It was from one of his mates at the hospital where he was working as a surgeon. I wasn’t happy with that because if it wasn’t for a reason that would make my husband leave home, They wouldn’t have called him around 9:00pm in the night.

When he was done receiving the call, He told me he was called to carrying out a surgical operation on a pregnant woman who couldn’t give birth to her child herself. He stood up and wanted to be going. He hadn’t eaten anything from his food. He hadn’t even taken a spoon to his mouth. I forced him to eat even if it’s just one spoon and he did.

I saw him off the compound where he would enter his car. As we got outside, It was raining heavily already and the thunder was rumbling and sparking it’s lightning flash. He entered the car and I waved him a goodbye. The rain kept falling heavily and the thunder was rumbling as it’s lightning light was sparking.

Before I could enter the house, I didn’t have appetite to eat the food again. If only my hubby was there, I would have eaten it, But because he wasn’t there with me again, I only cleaned the table and parked the food to the kitchen.

I walked up to my room at the upstairs, I wanted to go and sleep. But as I opened the door, Everywhere was dark, maybe my hubby had turned off the light before he left. The switch was beside the bed, but as I went ahead to the switch, I felt as if I touched a person’s body on the bed. When I look at the bed, it was a woman lying on the bed. I was so scared. I swiftly switched on the light. When I switched on the light, Nobody was on the bed again. When I switched off the light again, it was still this same woman on the bed. I couldn’t scream.

As I took a step to run, I heard a voice that was the same with mine. I felt strange because I didn’t talk, The woman had the same voice with me. “ Don’t even dare to step out” the voice said.

I couldn’t wait, I ran outside the compound as I was panting in great fear. Then I asked myself.

“ Who’s that woman in my room?”

To be continued

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