Kech2022/08/23 17:32

You shot me numerous bullet placing my most holy faith on the most high i resist every bullet.

Yeah ,you tried a whole lot of time,i was smart enough to push it out cos it takes smartness to actualization of dream and in resisting the devil .

You came,you shot and shot severally i resist you and your bullet.Yeh of a truth ,you shot me with bullet of deception i resist it and shot you with bullet of sincerity of heart cos having a pure heart is what conquers the devil.

Again ,you didn't learn your lessons ,you shot bullet for the people around us to hate me then i resist it still and shot you with bullet of love .

Jesse ,tell me who is winning? .

Hmm,you came again wanting to shoot me with the bullet ruling me like your slave which am not and will never be,i resist it and shot you with respect and silence cos it is said"Silence is the best answer to a fool".

Hey ,tell me ,who is the boss? who is more matured you or i?

Cos you pulled every trigger on me i resist it.

I guess you figure out better things to achieve cos every trigger you pull ,i will ,shall and most resist.


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