Happiest day of my life

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Life is a blind of joys and sorrows

Happiest day of my life

Life is a blind of joys and sorrows.lt ebbs and flows between delight and dejection.Both the expensive are valuable in life.The sad moments of life impart wisdom to us ;while the joyful events leave an indelible impact on our souls.The real beauty of happy moments is that they delight us whatever we recall them sitting in a vacant or pensive mood.About such moments W.Wordsworth says:

For oft,when on my couch I lay

In vacant or in pensive mood

They flash upon that inward eye

Which is the bliss of solitude;

And my heart ❤️ with pleasure with fills,

And dances with the daffodils.

Though many radiant occasions of my life glow in the galaxy of my mind,the day that shines brilliantly there is the day when the result of intermiate class was announced.It is one of those graphic remembrances that I can never forget.In the words of Keats,An endless fountain of immoral drink.

Whenever the aggressive engagements of life agitate me,it works like soothing swing that says my soul into the supreme serenity.I agree with Keats A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

It was a bright sunny ☀️ morning 🌄 of a serene summer ☀️.I with my classmates was extremely excited that day .We were waiting Impatiently for the result. Handsomely dressed,at about 9'Clock in the morning 🌅,we reached the college to see the gazette of result;but to our hard luck 🤞,the gazette had not yet reached there.Therefore,we could do nothing but wait.In the afternoon,we got deeply disappointed 😞 when the controller 🎮 of examination announced that we should come there tomorrow as the gazette has not reached the college till that moment.Our fresh faces faded away in flash 📸.We willy-nilly proceeded back to our homes.

I was relaxing in my bed,when I heard a loud 🔊 knock at the front of my house 🏡.My six sense signaled me some sweet news.I rose rapidly and rushed to answer the rap.As I opened the door 🚪,a class fellow of mine hugged me warmly and unfolded a piece 🧩 of newspaper 🗞️📰 to show me something.What I saw there was just beyond my belief.My name was written there in bold print 👣🐾.I had got the third 🥉 position in the whole Gujranwala board.My heart began pounding with joy and my spirits began fly 🕊️ high.My joy knew no bounds.I sprang up with delight and began dancing frantically.I began to sing with Coleridge:

Joy is the sweet voice 🥰 joy the luminous cloud 🌨️☁️

We in our selves rejoice!

I hugged my friend with full force to show my warm feelings of gratitude.I thanked him, grasped the newspaper 📰🗞️ and rushed back in to the house.I broke the news to my mother whose eyed wetted with tears 😭 of gratitude.It was a great moment of elation for all the members of my family.Ofcourse I was the happiest one among them. This was a wonderful day to be cherished in memory and recounted with pride.

Though nothing can bring back 🔙 the hour

Of splendor in the grass of glory in the flowers 🌹🌹.

This was the happiest day of my life.how we celebrated the success, how I was interviewed by various well known journalists and how I was awarded the silver 🏅 medal is another story will be told.

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