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Don’t give up on your dreams, life has a lot to offer, don’t give up on yourself.


Life is filled with ups and downs, rights and wrongs.

Life is not filled with beds of roses 🌹, it is not a platter of gold.

We all have a purpose for living, we are all born for a reason.

We could say that life is worth living, for instance, when we were little, we had nothing to worry about except cartoons,candies, hanging out with our cousins, attending birthday parties 🥳,things were lot more easier then, it was easy to say that we’ll be rich before some certain age and probably have kids, I remembered when I was little, the only thing that made me happy was whenever my dad takes me and my siblings out in his car .

Life can be fun because we’re all living our best lives and trying to make our selves happy even though things are not going according to our is not a straight road, it is filled with obstacles,we just have to try to defeat the obstacles to aim our goals.

Some people are lucky enough to be born with silver spoon, while some of us are just lucky to be born in a family that has enough to take care of yourselves while some people are not lucky enough to have any family.

I just hope life would be fair enough to help those who are in need and there’s this bible quote “heaven helps those who helps themselves” .

I’d love us to get prepared for whatever life has planned for us and let’s change our destiny. Life is too short to take things for granted, enjoy every moment you encounter and if you’re experiencing any form of difficulty,I need you to know that no condition is permanent and there are better days ahead.

Stay happy.


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