Ken_ token2022/08/22 15:54

The crypto space is built in such a way that by just believing in this space and interacting with some projects in this industry as an early user or a beta tester.

You can make fortunes for yourself, we've seen this with Uniswap, ENS, Oyster, Decred in 2016, airdropped 258,000 DCR to lucky early enthusiasts, who signed up for it.

The highest airdrop value was $32,500!

Some of you have blown your trading account and the bear market is having a toll on you. It can be confusing in the crypto space in times like this.

Engaging in airdrops is one of the strategic ways to set yourself up for a comeback and get your head out of the water.

Join this airdrop group let's position ourselves for the fortunes in airdrops.


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