How it all started

Maxmoses12022/08/22 10:10
How it all started

Season bind with love


   It was raining that day, so it was time for me to go but the rain was not fair with me. I don't know about others but it was really. It was so cold outside and it really disgust me. but i managed to get reed-off it. It was that day we met. That was how it all began.

   Finally, I have reach the grocery store, I need to get some item, I had none at home. I have picked they ones I needed and here came a guy from nowhere. He frightens me.


   Sorry for the interruption...

Which type of person is he.... Comes out from no where just like that. Was he actually spying on me or what, but he's cute, am liking him, a stranger... Haha., not at all

      you like that?...

   yeah, maybe...

We both laughs.

     I like it, one of favorite.

     O, I see...

    um... am Brian

   Am Ryan... nice to meet you Brian.

   yeah, you too.

He is really cute, I thought to myself. I better stop thinking of that shit but the worst is I keep thinking of what that just happened a few minutes ago,how  we stare each other. I went to make payments for my purchased items, he followed me... You know, to keep a company with me. Don't really know what he is thinking or upto.I was nervous at first and actually not comfortable enough.

     How much?...

I asked the grocery man.


It's all cost $10.

    ok....  Brian interrupts

     I will pay for that...

   No, thanks...

   Am serious.

   Mr... check mine


Wow, what a good man, I guess he wants something from but I don't know why am liking him.

    They cost $12

   ok, that's alright, here it is... keep

   the balance.

I left them while he was chatting with the seller. At the outside, though it wasn't that raining as before. I decides to wait for Brian so as to thank him for his kindness. After all the arguments, he still pay for my stuffs, hopes am not being stupid.

      Oops are you still here?...

   yeah, thanks man for....

  no buddy, there's nothing to thank

      me  for...

  um.... I have to go... Brian.

   um.. yeah but, can I have your


  sure, ok...

  where are you heading?

  ooh, that way.

   need a ride?

   no Brian...

   "NO" all the time... Ryan, aren't 

        You cold, come on.

     What a good man..., Ok.

   where is your car?

over there?...


We went to the garage were Brian packed his car. We drove out, he stare at me and smile, I did the same.There was a silence between the of us in so I decided to break the silence.

     Um... where are you from?

      Florida... you??

   New York.

I have to stare at the street to avoid our eyes from being contact.

         You live alone?

  I turn my head a little so as to give him answer


        So you live alone...?

      Yeah... I guess you too?

       Um... I think so




We both smiles he's really funny and very excited we are getting along.

  Um over there... Reached my home,

   thanks I appreciate

   It nothing buddy...


      Next time...

   Um... Yeah, next time.

          See you.

I don't know what that came over me , they way he smiles, I don't even know what am thinking.



Wow, I really thinks am in love with this guy. When I reached my apartments,to check my mail,at my astonishment.He has sent a mail to me.                                                                          

        Hey... Ryan, it's Brian can we

                    do this  again?.

        Yeah, off course.

     So which day..?

    I don't know...? Maybe two days


    Alright, seems nice.. lovely night

       and sweet dreams

       You too Brian.

Just first day of getting along, I hoped this worked. I really thinks we should meet next time tomorrow.... I hoped it worked.



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