Dàrh Kràñé

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Njoku Chinedu David Johnvianney professionally known as Dàrh Kràñé is a Nigerian Disc Jockey and also the Founder to a reputable Label, Krane Records Worldwide KRW.

Dàrh Kràñé

Njoku Chinedu David Johnvianney who is popularly known and addressed as Dàrh Kràñé or DJ Krane is a famous Nigerian Disc Jockey, Producer and Label Executive.

ChInedu was born in the year 2003 in Lagos, Nigeria. Dàrh is from a family of four, he, his younger sister; Njoku Emmanuella Uju and his father and mother, Chris Ugochukwu Njoku and Agnes Chigozie Njoku respectively. He attended most of his primary education in Lagos State. He attended Little Rock Nursery and Primary School in Lagos State and thereafter moved to Owerri in Imo State, Nigeria.

While in Owerri, Dàrh Kràñé and his sister, Njoku Uju attended Milky Way Nursery and Primary School. Dàrh Kràñé only attended primary five before sitting for his Common Entrance Examination and First School Leaving Certificate. He attended Father Cloonan Secondary School thereafter as a boarder. However his stay in Father Cloonan didn't last, his father transferred him to Holy Ghost College immediately after his Jss 1 in Father Cloonan. From Jss 2 -3, he spent approximately 2 years in Holy Ghost College both as a boarder and a Day student. After completion of his Junior West African Examination, he moved to Claret Academy with his sister to further his Secondary School education. It was in this school he finally completed his Secondary School Education and sat for Senior WAEC/NECO and JAMB(Joint Admission Matriculation Board)

As common with most musicians, his love for music grew at a very tender age. Back then, Dàrh Kràñé would write songs then sing it to the members of his family. Infact during one of his practices, his mother told him, "If you are this good at singing don't give up, we can hire a manager for you". Though, after some months of practicing singing he gave up and forgot everything relating to music. This was not an intentional act but was due to the lack of maximum support he needed to become an Artist.

Dàrh Kràñé had not given music it's required attention until after his Secondary School education. At this time of Dàrh Kràñé's life, he worked at a small shade where he learnt phone repairs and selling of music. It was at this time that the fire of music rekindled in him. He began watching music videos in MTV and the rest of them. Dàrh Kràñé became so close to music that he could hardly stay a day without listening to music

This has inspired him to forge ahead and continue promoting the DJ Talent. It's no surprise that he is the Founder of a Record Label meant solely for Disc Jockeys.

AGE: 18 Years.

Born September 22nd, 2003

Record Label (s): Krane Records Worldwide KRW.

Occupation: Label Executive, DJ/Producer.

Hometown: Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

LGA: Mbaitolu Local Government Area, Umueze, Ogwa.

Place Of Birth: Lagos, Ikeja.

Marital Status: Single

Education: No information available for "education".


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