Quick lessons from Axie infinity

Ken_ token2022/08/17 21:28
Quick lessons from Axie infinity

I came in contact with the crypto space in late 2020, and my case was that of finding the rabbit hole, I found myself going all in. By 2021 people were finding it hard to believe that I'm not up to a year in the crypto space.

Well, I owe my quick apprehension of the crypto industry to Safehaven academy as their style of teaching made it possible for me to find a path as a fundamental analyst.

One of my biggest wins then was discovering AXS at 0.8

The lessons I learned from Axie are this.

1. Assets that will do well will have a culture of building consistently. You will see this in how the community engages with the project. For Axie I kept seeing users talking about their Axies daily.

2. They responded swiftly to the challenges that users were having with their platform, they were also swift to clarify any part of their project that was blurry to their users.

3. They were committed to rolling out upgrades on their platform,

4. Their community grew because of the responsiveness of their team, such that Axie became a source of income in the Philippines.

Projects that tend to do well will have traits of building, whether bull or bear market.


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