Iceland and The Great Airwave Show

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Iceland is the perfect tourist destination to visit this November during the upcoming Airwave Festival.

Iceland and The Great Airwave Show

Iceland – The Next Leisure Destination

Why Are We Writing About Iceland?

This November the largest musical festival in Iceland. The Airwave Annual Festival will heat up the nation with artists from all over the world. Iceland is an island country located between Greenland and Scotland. It is an amazing must-see destination filled with sparkling glaciers, mountains, and volcanos. There are about 200 volcanos and history has given it its fair share of activity. 


The island of Surtsey was created from an eruption between Nov 1963 and June 1967. The most recent major eruption began in 1973 when the Heimaey island forced the evacuation of the Vestmannaeyjar town.


Iceland, capital Reykjavik, was founded during the Viking Age and has the world’s oldest political Assembly. It is located about 500 Miles from Scotland, the nearest European neighbor. 


What We Discovered

This November the yearly festival, The Iceland Airwaves, will be rolling out forte with international artists and shows. This is one of the largest, multi-genre music festivals held in various locations throughout the capital. 


The star lineup is almost unbelievable with a wide range of international and local bands, groups, and singers uniting their voices and talents to present a multiplatform showcase.


What Are Your Benefits Visiting Iceland?

1.       Perfect Outdoor Environment: With an ideal climate of 41 degrees, Iceland has the largest treeless plains in the world, making it the ideal place for ski lovers, bungee jumpers, and hikers. Tours will take you from one glacier to another, search through the endless volcanic ruins and get a first-hand view of a modern, recently formed island.


2.       Great Campfire Stories: Meet some of the most amazing people in the world. Their folklore is perfect for those Vikings, and Norsemen story lovers, where you will see where the founders made their first landings. Here you can enjoy campfire tales told from the seventeenth century.


3.       Endless Waterfalls: The wáterfalls are breathtaking, huge and beautiful, and free to visit for as long as you like. The Dettifoss waterfall is over 45 meters tall with a width of100 meters, is just one of over thirty falls across Iceland. 


4.       Peace of Mind: Then there is the quiet life of the central, almost uninhabited zones, in Iceland. Here you can really come apart for a while and blend in with nature.


5.       The Nightlife: I If you prefer the cool evenings after dusk, it is unbeatable anytime. From taverns and bars to discotheques, there is a place for everyone. Even for those who just like to sit and watch, there are the northern lights, a natural phenomenon.


Iceland is also one of the largest Christian nations in the world with over 70% belonging to a known faith, So do not be worried at all, you won't be left out in any way. As a matter of fact, you will just blend right in.


What Do We Recommend?

Iceland is still a pure and natural spot on earth, one where people from all walks of life, can take their leisure and travel spirit for all that it's worth. Come and meet the people, understand why there is no army, or why they have no Independence day.


Know its beauty, discover the wonders of nature in its truest sense, and enjoy your vacation by coming to the AirWave festival this November.


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