Tazix2022/08/17 14:37

Its nvrr easy to attone for ones sins but inorder to grow we must.

Erratic and unmanaged I feel as if I'm destined to fail. stuck in a sinkhole that's surely going to drag me down to Hell. The prospect of future swallowed up by L's has me scared. Despite best attempts all I seem to do is disappoint and fail. success seems so effortless for those around. Perhaps if I stop fighting I could find my place in hell. in my heart I do not wish to be this, nor do I believe I am the bad seed the univers has labeled me. So instead I must pick my cock from this sand and finally make a stand,soon my sentence shall be extinguished, my hearts no longer haunted and bound by the clock this hour glass has served as my tomb trapped and held against my will shall be crushed ans scattered to dust i will be set free vow to leave the feelings of oppression in my passed barred beneath the sand of the hourglass wrapped up by negative obsessions I refuse. It will be a new beginning for my sins have been atoned. I will open the doors that have hiding my successes this will be my only vision I guess it's dedication


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