Kech2022/08/17 08:55

I don't wanna be an excessive talker cos a times, i talk and dash out secret which is unhealthy.

I try not to step on people's toes cos i don't wanna be involved in unnecessary argument.

I take my time not to over do things cos i don't want others to get jealous and feel i wanna be the most love one.

I don't wanna over give cos i don't know your motive knowing that experience they say is the best teacher cos i had engage my self into it, with the ulterior motive in your heart you lay insults instead of been appreciative.

I don't wanna allow things and issues of life bother me cos i don't wanna go depressed over and over again.

I don't wanna intrude between you both cos trying to settle your difference amicably, in the conclusion of the matter, you gonna see me as the worst enemy.

I knowing that i don't want some shits then i try putting an end to it cos a times it not always pleasant outcome for me, so i try as possible to avoid every unnecessary shits.


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