Things that really hurt the most in relationships.

Talondjona2022/08/16 08:34


1) RELATIONSHIP FIGHT...... fighting in a relationship is always a pop up notification but it all depend on the altitude on how high you go on with fighting and it destroys many people's relationship,,,,, but just like they say everything has a solution so to this you just need to avoid arguing with your lover if you want your love to go on and as for a man, if you were arguing with your loved girlfriend/wife, you don’t just go to bed without talking to her you always have to give her an apology even if she is the one at fault,,,, if you go to bed without talking there is a decrease to the amount of love you have for each other and on repetition of `such things one of you will end up tired and all you will hear one day is that "I can't do this anymore/ I can't continue with this any longer"... WISE UP MAN,,,,,, Don't think this was a joke sentence, she meant it to drop you even if she says it’s a joke later it means she is getting tired but still want to give you another chance so if you really love her than you better use this opportunity to put the pieces together but REMEMBER that it will be hard BUT you have to try and turn the table.

2) OVERUSE OF ALCOHOL.....Speaking of the devil, drinking too much alcohol leads to getting drunk which leads to wrong doings or choices. Many people stress over a lot of things and use a lot of alcohol to ease their pain/stress and after drinking, alcohol causes brain to malfunction... example you were arguing with your wife and you went a little high with arguing so too easy your stress you went on to drink and come back home believing that you won't argue with her any longer BUT to your surprise she start yelling at you again, and with your promise not to argue again you are wrong because that does not work out to women, she will start adding some different stories in the argument and after a while listening to her "nonsense" you get fed up and you beat her up without saying anything....WHY NOT SAYING ANYTHING? It’s because it was the last thing you put into your mind,,,, but if you had said: "I won't argue with her or do anything to her any longer, I will just go straight to my bed" NONE of what you did would of happened because there is no way you can beat up someone and nothing came out, "" ARE YOU CR*ZY"" either you hurt her, injured her or you killed her (OMG HELL GOT SOMEONE NEW).

3) TRUST ISSUES......Trust is earned not given but the mistake comes that now days people can fall in love at first sight that WE don't take time to know the other and find out whether they are trustable, and two months later after marriage he/she is accusing you of cheating or doing something else while you didn't.... it’s because he/she don’t trust you and you haven't given him a reason to trust you because no matter what you do, there is no one will trust you fully in a period of 7 months together and then wedding already,,, ARE YOU GOD, WHO CAN BE TRUSTED WITHIN A MIN?

4) EMPTY PROMISE...... There is nothing more disappointing than an empty promise that someone made to you, when we are very happy or very angry we end up making decisions and the bad part is that most of those decisions are bad and the worst part is that we add promise to those designs.... let me give you an example of someone who got a yes from a beautiful girl that he has searched for a long time... he got excited and told the girl that he will marry her to which he highlighted his sentence by adding that it was a promise, just as two years together, something happened that they broke up and in three years later the man got married to another girl which causes the pain in the girl he promised to marry five years ago. SERIOUSLY you are expecting everything to go well in your marriage while you have someone crying out because of the empty promise you made to her? So please never made a promise that you cannot keep.


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