Kech2022/08/15 23:31

Work with your anger issues cos it isn't gonna lead you else where.

Listen to this ,that am not easily angered doesn't mean you should capitalize on it and use it as a weapon to provoke me cos provoking one can lead to problematic annoyance.

Do not judge me for getting angry cos am not a perfect being.

My anger can be due to my temperament.

please ,help me to subdue it,rather than triggering it.

Never try to bring out the beast in me cos am been patient with you.

listen to this,that you have anger issues doesn't mean,it should be used violently but rather try to caution yourself to calm.

You have anger issue,i have anger issues,why don't we try understand each other to void stepping on each others toes.

Dear listen,Anger will only destroy things cos it is a robber of joy,cos passing through the journey of life ,i found out that it only lead to chaos.


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