Your Image is Goodwill

Rangel9662022/08/15 15:36

Our world today is so much obsessed with the image (your flaws , looks, lifestyle, educational status and career) without which your life is dented as incomplete. All these risk cognitive inertia if our life is dictated by them and we become slaves to external forces that causes tension in your inside as your desire for such intensifies.

The escape to such is ;

1. Thrive on what you have

2. Stay in your lane

3. Appreciate God for the success of others (yours is next)

4. Have an outline of how you want to live your life

5. Stay un-shakened in your purpose (stay by what you believe)

6. Be Liberal when approaching social philosophy

7. Face your fears (loneliness, rejection, boredom, failing, losing friends among others) if your destiny calls for it


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