Pure deceit lies in a smile

TRIPLEGGGirls P.D.S2022/08/14 22:55
Pure deceit lies in a smile

They say that nothing breaks like a heart. I say that it is not the heart that breaks, but the smile.

A smile is the foundation of deceit, the base of a good lie and the winner of hearts. It's a mixture of the three. In my perception, a smile is not a good gesture of friendliness, nor an indicator of happiness.

It is a façade that hides my brokenness, the knife that cuts me into pieces and the blood that clots in my body. It blurs out my bleeding heart that cries for help.

My smile is the poison that course through my veins, killing me slowly on a Monday morning when I start my week. It is a cascade that kills an insect harbouring the ground.

It can't be hard to notice the synergistic effect of my smile and my face when I say I'm doing fine.

My smile twitches, and my face tells a different story...

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