TRIPLEGGGirls P.D.S2022/08/14 11:45

There are three kinds of worlds: the real world, the imaginary world...and my world.

It's kind of hard for the three of them to co-exist. I always escape reality by sneaking into the imaginary world where everything is ideal.

But, every time I intrude the imaginary world, I find out that it's not where I belong.

And then there is my world. My world is filled with darkness, an abyss that haunts me in my dreams. It's a paradise for an ill-fated destiny. It lures me in with its luminous darkness...and I'm afraid I always get trapped.

Everyday is a struggle. My mind is its own prison, and I'm the prisoner, held captive by my own thoughts. My world lacks colour, happiness, laughter and peace.

I'm always overthinking, excessively pressuring my head with negative thoughts and blaming myself for the problems of the real world.

I'm stuck in a dark hole; a rabbit hole would've been better. In my world, there's no happiness. I am alone, curled up in a ball on the cold, hard floor crying myself to sleep...but I never sleep.

It tears me to pieces every single day that passes, and the translucent glimpse of my life is just another broken piece.

It's hard to live in my world when I have nowhere else to go. The barriers that barricade my frozen mind keep me in an entanglement with the real world, the imaginary world, and sadly...My world.

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