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It true I came from a wealthy background, but my parents died in an accident when I was still young. Life was so terrible and hard for me.

My dad properties was shared between his siblings, I his daughter didn't received any share from the properties. I had to stay with my mom younger sister aunty Rita,she is a very busy woman, beautiful and hardworking,she had three kids her husband was sacked from work so he his always at home.many times they take me out to have fun.

a glorious day aunty Rita wasn't at home,her kid were also not I went to uncle Thomas which is aunty Rita husband.I told him I want to further my education,he smiled and said he will do it but on one condition. I asked him what was the condition he stand up and pushed me on the bed loosing his belt.I was confused and asked him what he was up to.he told me that he must have sex with me before he approve my request, I was scared and had to run outside. I opened the gate and stand outside. so around [5.00pm] aunty Rita was home With her kid. she asked what I was doing outside, so I told her that I just needed some fresh air. she smiled and asked why I can't stay in the compound instead of me staying outside. then I told her I just feel like staying outside. She asked if her husband was at home, I said yes. we went inside the house. her husband hugged her,he shouted at me angrily and asked were have been. aunty Rita replied him that I was outside the compound.uncle Thomas looked at me and hissed. at night I couldn't sleep because he can come in anytime, so I decided to read my books. truly he came inside my room after few minutes. He told me if I like I should not do what he asked me to do,that he will chase me out of his house and I will never further my education anymore. after he finished talking, he went outside. I was weak and afraid. The next morning I went to aunty Rita,to discuss with her about my education, but she is always busy so she told me next time I can discuss it with her. So I went to my room. Uncle Thomas came to my room again to threaten me,I was crying and fed up. He told me if I don't listen to him,he will chase me out of his house. But I don't have anywhere to go. Life was so hard for me,I don't want to lose my virginity at a tender age,and i still want to further my education. Sometimes I feel life should come to an end. Later on I made up my mind to leave the house and I make a move. So I went down to Lagos With the last money I had with me,I have no destination,I was hungry but I have no money with me. It was dark,people were preparing to go home. I have no choice than to sleep with those living under the bridge. That when I realized those living under the bridge are really trying, I got bitten by a lot of mosquitoes. I have choice than to sleep like that. The next morning I woke up and continued my journey. On my way going,I saw a woman whose purse fell on the floor,so I picked it and gave it to her. She thanked me and asked of my name,I told her my name,she asked of where I live.I told her am homeless. She took me to her house, I saw a lot of young girls wearing half naked clothes, they serve me food and drink. The woman name was aunty binta, but those girls do call her mama bee. I asked the woman if those girls are her siblings. she said no,that they are just her workers. She told me to put my mind at rest, that she will solve all my problems for me. I was very happy,she gave me a room to stay and also bought me clothes. A girl came in, she is very beautiful,light in complexion and also friendly. we introduced ourselves to each other,she told me her name was chioma and she is from abia state and 16 years old.I asked her the type of work she does for a living. She signed and said she is a prostitute. I was shocked, I asked her who and what pushed her to that type of disgusting work. she told me that she and the other girls in the house were all prostitute, that they work for mama bee. That mama bee always introduce them to rich men. She told me mama bee as really helped her life since when she lost her parents. I was so upset and asked why she did that type of work. She laughed and said she did it because she does have any family or relatives to help her. that has no choice than to join mama bee. I signed and said life is hard. I told her my story, we almost have similar story together.She told me that mama bee doesn't help for free. I asked her what she mean by that. She told me whether I like it or not mama bee will asked me to join her prostitute group. I was speechless, I don't know what to say. she also told me she is also tired of the prostitute work she is doing. she told me if she has a way out she would love to escape. I told her that if she truly want to quite the job and continue her studies ,then we have to run away. she shouted and said she does not have anybody to go to for help. I reasoned with her and ask if she doesn't have any savings. she told me she have some money with her. after some days we left Lagos and went to Abeokuta, we rented a room,we leave together and look for a job to do so we can sustain. I and chioma went to a woman who sells cooked food, we told her we want to work for her. she asked us few questions and we got employed. I and chioma has been living together hustling for like five month. one blessed morning I told chioma I want to get something outside but it seems she is lost and not hearing me,I called her name three times, not until I touched her. I asked her what she was thinking of,she was shedding tears from her eye,she told me she will miss me. I asked her were she was going. She hugged me and laughed, I told her to stop crying so I went outside to get what I wanted to buy. On getting home chioma was dead.l was lost,I called for help but nobody respond.While I was crying I saw a paper on the floor,I picked it and read what was written on it.[ dear Mabel

I don't wish to leave you

alone,but it high time. do

you remembered I was a

prostitute when will meet each other.the last customer I slept with ,has HIV disease. so after I left the hotel,I went to a doctor for a medical check up. he told me I contacted HIV disease, and I will die anytime soon. I was shocked when I heard the news,I cried and realize that the end of my life. I accepted my fate. I went to mama bee and discuss with her about the disease I contacted. she shouted at me and tell me not give her client HIV,she said there was no way she can help me. I am sorry Mabel I didn't tell you,I don't want you to stress yourself because of me .that how mama bee ended my life. take good care of yourself,I love you bye.


after I finished reading it,I cried and realize that mama bee is a devil. After few days I left the house and continue my journey. Life very hard since I lost my friend,I jump from one problem to another. sometimes I feel like there was no God. I that lived in a very big mansion of my dad, become a girl who sleep under the bridge, I beg before I eat hmmm. my dream was to become a lawyer am now selling water. at time I feel like killing myself. but my dad always said when he was alive that "there is hope for a living soul,but no hope for a dead person"I that eat three times meal a day now became a person who find it difficult to eat one meal a day. Suddenly a car almost hit me. the man driving the car asked why I was staying on the road. I was speechless because I was shocked. He asked me to enter his car,when I got to the house it was a very big mansion, the Man has a lot of cars, companies and houses almost everywhere in the community. But one thing I notice is that I don't see any children or woman in the house. I keep it to myself.he bought me clothes, phone and also sponsored me to the best school in the state, he took me like is biological daughter. I called he dad, he also called me his daughter. I was happy I finally found an helper. One day I was coming back from school I had a voice inside, I calm down and heard the conversation. Mr Richard was talking to someone, saying he has finally gotten a girl he can use for the sacrifice. The person asked him when he was going to bring the girl.Mr Richard replied and said very soon,because the girl lived in his house. something tells me Mr Richard was a ritualist so he want to use me for his sacrifice. I was shedding tears, wept my tears and pretended I heard nothing. I greeted him and went inside my room. after few minutes I came out and asked Mr Richard if he is married. he smiled and said yes, but they are based in London. He asked if there is any problems, I said no and went inside my room. The next morning Mr Richard was going to work,he gave me money to buy whatever I need. after Mr Richard left, I packed my luggage and left the house. My journey began again. as usual I saw a bridge and slept there. the next morning I continue my journey, I thought deep down my mind that there is no good person on earth again,and sometimes I think of going back to mama bee to start a prostitute work at the same time am thinking of furthering my education. I got to a place where some men and women were carrying blocks. maybe they want to build a house there,I asked for permission and joined them in carrying blocks. I worked since around 10:00am-5:00pm but I was given just #2500 naira,I looked at the money and cried,I remembered those time my dad use to give me #50000naira for pocket now collecting 2500naira for the work I struggled for, I washed my legs and went back to the bridge I do sleep. I bought gala and water to eat,I flashed back when I do eat fried rice and chicken as breakfast in my dad house. hmmm what a pity. Later on I began to work for a woman who sells drink,this woman took me as her daughter,she took me to her house,takes good care of me and buy all I need. one morning i was not feeling to strong so I told madam Debbi I won't be able to follow her to shop. she told me to have some rest at home. I was given money to buy drugs,I did all she asked me to do and went back inside. after few minutes I heard someone knocking,it was madam Debbi husband,he rushed into my room and kissed me. I was scared and begging him,he pushed me on the bed and loosing his belt. I pushed him and ran outside, he followed me outside chasing me around the street. suddenly a car hit him,I was sweating and crying. I took him to the nearest hospital and I also called madam Debbi,after a while she rushed into the hospital shouting where is her husband. I told her the doctor is attending to him. The doctor came out and told us he Is better and need some rest,I was very happy and we all went back home. The next day madam Debbi told me not to follow her to the shop again,I was sacred. She said I am now her daughter. I was happy to hear that news,she went outside to get something. her husband came in to my room this time he wants to rape me,he pull his trouser.Suddenly madam Debbi came in,she shouted at me. Her husband said I was trying to seduce him,he lied against me. I couldn't say a word because madam Debbi was shouting,she asked me to parked my luggage and leave her house, I was begging her but she insist I leave the house. I left the house and continue my stupid and disgusting journey, I sat down in a shop thinking about my life and about those I lost. I saw a young man and woman worried,it seemed their car broke down and needed a mechanic,so I told them I know a guy who knows how to repair a car,I quickly went to call the mechanic. after he fixed the car,they thanked me and gave me money, I told them not to worry they forced me to collect the money but I rejected it. they took me to their house,it was very beautiful. The way I looked at them,it seems they just got married. they asked about my family and how I got helpless,I told them everything that happened to me. the name of the lady was Lucia while the husband name was Daniel. They told me not to worry that they will be there for me anytime. They sponsored me to the university till I graduated. so I can still become what I planed to become in future if there is hope. After 6-7years I became a professional barrister. I remembered when I was still young,I promised chioma I will sue mama bee for child abuse,using young girls to make money, making them sleep with different men. mama bee was taking to prison.Thanks to my dad for his word that says "there is hope for a living soul,but no hope for a dead person and thanks to uncle Daniel and aunty Lucia for making my dream come through. Now I realized no matter the problems someone is facing,one day it will come to an end.THAT THE STORY OF MY LIFE.


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