Kech2022/08/13 22:48

I'm a winner can't be a looser, i dominate can't be demoted.

I rule in all facets of life cos am crowned with the wisdom which supercedes all my peers.

Failure isn't permitted in my destiny and lineage cos we are embodiment of winners.

We lead in all we do cos we are accord peculiar and royal priesthood.

Am not moved by any challenges of life cos am born an over comer, born to dominate.

I flourish in my endeavours cos i have the right to prosper.

I swim in prosperity cos the strong holds of poverty has been abolished in my lineage.

I wax in the wisdom that aids me to win for this am always on top and not beneath so i soar in glory.

For this i say, KIN to WIN so you BLINK like the LIGHT that SHINES BRIGHT.


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