Kech2022/08/13 12:27

You profess you love when your heart is filled with evil

You profess you love cos all you want is their wealth.

You profess you love cos you feel and see that he or she is hardworking and you can use them the manner you like.

You profess you love cos you feel they are fool and you can toss them like dice.

You profess you love cos you feel you can use them to achieve your cruel ambition.

You profess you love cos you think ,you can easily manipulate them and extract details from them.

You profess you love them, when things are fine but when they don't have you treat them like an outcast .

What kind of person are you?

cos when they were there for you in sound health and sound mind you wanna do everything to please them and a times you even wanna genuflect .

know my dear that there is always a day of reckoning cos the person you treated as fool will someday come to his or her senses to tell you "I admit i was a fool but not anymore".


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