Kech2022/08/13 10:08

Comparison in religion has really eaten deep in the life of every believer.

I am a christian,

You are a muslim,

They are traditional worshippers.

what are the talking and discrimination cos every religion is built up with it own doctrine, so why not mind the religion or the group you belong to.

Why the competition and the comparison cos every religion has it reason to existence.

Why the comparison knowing fully well that they all belief in one true God, the most high who created heavens and earth.

Dear criticizer know that it all depends on you and what religion you decide to belong to cos it left to you to make your choice not by force.

Every one has been given the privilege or right to freedom of association to any religion he or she desires.

so tell me, what the comparison all about.

one thing you don't know is, it's not about the religion you belong to but how the doctrine is been practiced by every believer, how obedient they are, and how productive it is in their life.

Are you a true believer of the religion you belong to? that what matters.

What impact is your religion to you?

So my dear, stop the comparison and focus on the improvement of your life and religion.


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