Holding on to something that I could not have, that will never be mine from the start

Time Machine

If I ask God to grant

my wish, will he grant it

will he help me make

a time machine

to turn back the hands

of time, to see you before

I have known you, to

view you from afar

I may not be a genius

nor a fortune teller not

even a scientist but if I

could I would make

my very own time machine

to leaf from time to time

to jump off cliff, to jump

or wormhole, to cross to


just to see if we would

end up being together

or I am just holding on

to false hope

false belief that one

day in my life I could

be happy, I could see


I just don't know

holding to something

I can't have, that can't

be mine


August 12, 2022


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