Falling for the Mr. Wrong

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Falling for the Mr. Wrong

Falling for the Mr. Wrong

Episode 1

I have always found it difficult understanding love and all the things that come with it.

I didn't understand why anybody would want to put their heart in danger by falling in love. So all my life, I always ran away from love, you can say that am running away from being served breakfast. I just didn't want to experience that feeling.

My elder sister, Olivia was a complete opposite of me, she could be in two different relationships with so much ease. She loved it that way.

Recently, she introduced to us the man she was going to get married to. She expressed how in love she was with the guy. I couldn't believe it but there she was with her fiance.

"I am happy you finally found your match." It was my mother complimenting her.

Of course I wasn't surprised. It was typical her, she never saw anything wrong with whatever Olivia did.

"I hope your sister won't end up as a Reverend sister. I hope." Mother was referring to me.

"Mum, let her be. She eventually fall in love." Olivia told her.

I smiled.

Olivia and I were very close, like best friends.

One day, we had gone for shopping as we usually did, we had already gotten everything we needed. She got more stuff because she was the one paying for the things we got. I saw a beautiful shoe that was very unique. It was like love at first sight because it really caught my attention.

I was checking out the shoe when Olivia showed up and said she loved the shoe. She begged me for the shoe. I didn't have any choice but to give in. She was the one paying and after all she was my elder sister. We went home that home happy and satisfied with what we got.

I guess, Life had good plans for me because I fell in love in the most unusual way, at least for someone like me who didn't want love.

It was a Sunday and I had gone out with Amanda. She had accompanied me to an eatery so we could have a good time. We were already sitted when a guy came to us.

"Hi, I am Joseph. Can I join you guys?"

He was a cute guy, not too tall and very fair. I only looked at him and smiled out of courtesy.

"Yes, you can." Amanda nodded.

I looked at her and wondered why she would say that to a stranger. She smiled and gave me a "Don't worry" smile.

He eventually sat with us and made our day as he was very funny. When he left, he took our numbers and promised to call.

He chatted me on Whatsapp and that was how our love started. He would call me and say he wanted to check up on me. One day, he called as usual, took a deep breath and told me how he truly felt about me.

He said he wanted us to date. At first, I didn't give him an answer but as time went on. I knew that I liked this guy and even though, I didn't like the idea of dating. I decided to give it a chance. It won't hurt giving it a chance right?

We talked, talked and got to know each other so well.

One day, I decided to share the news with my family but it was such a great time. Olivia and mum was fuming. Olivia broke up with her fiance because she felt like he wasn't going to make a good husband.

"He's just too slow, he can't even be a man. We are not just meant for each other." She explained.

This explanation was one I didn't understand. Trust my sister to behave like this. She always feels entitled to lots of things.

I only kept quiet and watched my mother become sober. It wasn't a pleasant evening, so I postponed my announcement.

Joseph kept asking to see my parents but I refused. I was simply not ready for that kind of commitment. One day, he showed up without informing me.

I heard Olivia go open the door. I saw Olivia stare at Joseph like she knees him from somewhere.

"What are you doing here?" Olivia had suprise all over her face.

At first, I was taken aback by the presence of Joseph but then I kept wondering how they knew each other as Joseph kept glaring at Olivia too.

Olivia stormed out of the room, Joseph wasn't looking too bright. I asked him repeatedly what happened. He refused to tell me but I persuaded him.

"Your sister is my Ex, Olivia is my Ex."

To be continued....


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