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The ability to define what time is to us, is what make it meaniful. 6pm can be break time for someone, can be work time for someone so also it can be flexing time for someone. Time can be a medium for entertainment, sustainment, enjoyment, detainment or commitment to many.

When you remove time on Earth, our existence will also be remove. Time is life, as long as we are on Earth everything is limited, controled and engineered by it.

There are things done in the day and things done in the night, so also there are things effective in a season and things that are not effective in some season. And when you observe all these you will see time determine their abilities, activities and functions.

Our emotions are also tie to time. When you observe closely; those people & things we mourn, sad, miss, regret about. It's not just about their personalities but rather it's about the time spent together. So aslo those people & things we were happy, joyful, gladful, proud about. It not just about their personalities but rather it's about the time spent together.

So we won't be sad, mourn, regret or be happy, joyful, proud about people & things we don't spend time with.

Success can be measured by time

Greatness can be determined by time

Victory can be made by time

Wisdom & Knowledge can be attain by time

Wealth can be gotten by time

Everything on Earth is based on time, when you understand this you can achieve many things.

You might take risk with anything but never take risk with time. Be concious of it, value it because anything you do with Time, it won't be hidden, that same Time used to do it will be that same Time that will expose/reveal it.

Stop doing things just because you want to do it but because it is the time for it. Time can give and can also take things from you.

We all know we have 24 hours, we might/can't have enough of it but we can decide to make enough with it.

Time is always set but the question is "Are you set?"


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