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The story talks about two college students

Veronica was one of the few girls I met while on campus. I was an introvert, so I hardly relate with my collegues except on general issues which involved our presence but I wouldn't want to relate with anyone because iwas a loner right from my childhood days.

       On a fateful Monday, at 6am, I was in haste to reach the lecture room, I was a law student, more so I lived in school hostel so what would make me late to classes. My paces were like I was been chased, then suddenly I stopped, I noticed something strange. I didn't want to stop and pay close attention to  the hidden identity but I was forced to. I moved closer to catch a glimpse of what I saw from afar. Lo! It was a human being, a lady, she was unconscious while I moved closer. Though I was scared but I had to muster courage. A lot of things flashed my mind which even made me more reluctant to help her. But finally, I obliged to render a help because I was a Christian and have been often taught in church to offer helpwhere needed. I backed her and headed straight to the school clinic because it was the best place to take her to. I was shaking a bit but I was saying to myself, "she's unconscious, so she can't hurt me". I looked around to make sure I was not seen  by any. Why? My colleagues are ridiculous with their jests and I wouldn't want to be a victim.

     The nurses and doctors in the school clinic were surprised because it was a strange thing which I never saw too. They were surprised seeing a law student on a white and black  carrying a "dirty girl". I dropped her and told them I would be coming for her after my lectures. I quickly ran from the clinic non-stop to my lecture room coz I was late. My white was stained already but but I had no choice than to manage it till the end of the day. I was in the lecture room disturbed, it was all written on my face that my lecturer, Mr. Smith had to call my name to bring me back to the class , my mind was on the nameless girl I carried on my back. I didn't want to tell any of my friends coz they may nickname me a "loverboy". After the lecture hours, I walked straight to the school clinic only to discover that who I carried was a beauty goddess I crushed on some months ago

, she was so beautiful that I ran into a man who mocked me  for staring  at a gal's buttocks. I was embarrassed tho but she was worth it. I didn't bother approaching her coz we were not obviously in  the same class so "we meuve " which was a language we students used to brace up.

   She was clean now so the dirty girl on my mind had been erased immediately. I was hesitant to move closer to her, It was me approaching my crush. I mustered up enough courage more so I'm a man so I should be able to stand straight and talk to any girl. I sat beside her bed and I  discovered that I was empathizing with her as if she was my a close buddy. I was curious to know what happened which later made her unconscious.Watch out for the next episode same time next week


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