Hair oil for hair growth and hair fall control | Kesh Raksha Oil

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Kesh raksha oil, a natural hair fall control oil that strengthens the hair, prevents hair fall, promotes hair growth and stops premature greying of hair.

Hair oil for hair growth and hair fall control | Kesh Raksha Oil

Hair fall, the largest problem all over the world. Around 50 % of world population is suffering from hair fall and premature greying of hair.

There are various products for the same but the results are also not sure. Presenting a herbal, safe and scientifically proven oil- Kesh raksha oil.

Kesh Raksha oil is a prominent solution for hair fall that is formulated with herbal actives Phyllanthusemblica, Bergamiakoenigiia,Lawsoniaalba,Indigoferatinctoria and Eclipta alba.

All these herbal actives are extracted in100 % coconut oil and formulated in such a way that it does not have any rancidity.

Kesh Raksha oil has unique combination helps in hair growth along with inhibiting the premature greying of hair. Kesh Raksha oil which contain the herbal actives that are proven to have natural dyes that prevent greying such as indigofera and lawsonia along with amla.

Kesh Raksha oil is studied to a level of mRNA to evaluate its hair growth effect and is proven to enhance protein synthesis specific to hair growth. Kesh Raksha oilis also studied for its benefit in enhancing the tensile strength of hair and thereby preventing the hairfall due to hair breakage.

Kesh raksha oil study results show that there is increase in tensile strength when compared to coconut oil usage.

Application of Kesh raksha oil has to be done after bath over the scalp and roots of hair. Regular and long term use of Kesh raksha oil is recommended for strong, thick and natural hair hair.


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