Anti dandruff oil | Dano Hair oil for dandruff

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Dano anti dandruff hair oil controls itching and associated hair loss and prevents recurrence of dandruff. It has targeted action against Pityrosporum ovale.

Anti dandruff oil | Dano Hair oil for dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem in all the seasons that occurs due to fungi. The problem with dandruff is that recurrence is also quite common as that of the condition.

Presenting Dano anti-dandruff oil which is a unique herbal broad spectrum anti-fungal oil. Dano anti-dandruff oil is a completely herbal oil which does not cause any side-effects to the scalp.

Dano anti-dandruff oil is a poly-herbal based hair oil which is proven to have broad spectrum anti-fungal activity and also prevents the recurrence.

Dano anti-dandruff oil contains Wrightiatinctoria (Indrajev), Cassia alata (Dadmari) and bitter fraction of Azadirachtaindica (Neem or Nimba). The herbal actives in Dano anti-dandruff oil has strong anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-scaling activities. All the benefits are further evaluated for its anti-fungal activity by methelene blue study and proven that it is able to kill 90% of fungi.

Danoanti-dandruff oil is clinically proven to reduce isolation of dandruff causing fungi in 8 to 10 days of usage and also reduces the symptoms of dandruff.  Danoanti-dandruff oil also showed relief from the clinical symptoms of scaling, itching.

Regular usage of Danoanti-dandruff oil is recommended to prevent dandruff and its recurrence.



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